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how have you been? || how would you like to be?

as in, how have you been? what has existing felt like for you? how have you been functioning? has it been a series of ups and downs? a circle of back and forths? the same four steps on repeat? where have you leapt? where have you faltered? where have you landed? where have you fallen?

nature functions in cycles and so do we. we are composed of a number of connections that are set off by external events and reverberate internally in a specific series of patterns. we act and react based on the behaviors that were instilled in us, some before we were born, many before we could communicate, most before we knew how impressionable we even are. many times we find ourselves reacting to modern circumstances through outdated means. whether we are aware or not, as we are inclined to continue a conditioned approach to our daily routines, so are we inclined to embody a set response to Big Picture situations pertaining to career, relationships, personal and emotional development, and cultural evolution. this set of responses stems from experiences we compounded during early childhood, experiences the womb we emerged from compounded within us in utero, and experiences the lineage we descended from has compounded over the course of its generational development. we are made of, and act out from, so many layers that came before us. how can we possibly know where to start digging?

how would you like to feel when you wake up in the morning? how would you like to feel when you lay down for bed? what lie(s) would you like to stop telling others, and what lie(s) would you like to stop telling yourself? what would you like to see yourself become?

patterning is not a bad thing. patterning is helpful in allowing us to create reliable results without having to focus on the execution or the motivation every single time. positive patterns can create success and prosperity, but when we actively attempt to change our habits and our patterns, we often don’t actually start in the right place. an event occurs that requires that we do some reflecting. we go far enough recognize some consistencies, some sequences, some coincidences. we identify an issue or three and we tell ourselves that we want to do better and we make superficial adjustments to our routines. we pick Good Things to incorporate into our folds, we set inspired goals and make resolutions. but we often stop digging once we’ve caught onto the exciting newness we’ve created out of the small death we’ve allowed to occur. we drop the shovel once we find the first fruit and fail to finish the work. so when another external event occurs that drags the circle back to start and sets off our patterns, we find ourselves seemingly back at square one and wonder where we went wrong. how can we best move forward?



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healer's choice

with ten years' tarot experience, Reiki II certification with a full year's practice, and an endless thirst for astrological knowledge, I enjoy using my intuition to provide a unique combination of the three that best suits each individual client. this time with me tends to run between 2 to 3 hours due to the intimate nature of the healing work, conversational openness, and the spontaneity I may utilize when working with you. each session will conclude with journal prompts / exercises and other take-home materials based on our specific work together. 


I feel like you just gave me the tools I need to help me move forward.
— Pheobe

strictly tarot

let's assess at your current trajectory through a visual narrative. 

starts at 50 / hr

strictly astro

let's talk about your astral journeys and areas of focus.

starts at 70 / hr

strictly reiki

let's clear up your energy field and elevate you to new heights.

$75 / 1.5 hrs

very much open to trade & sliding scale | QTPOC encouraged to inquire


help me help you help us


practical magic





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